Traveling Beyond the Postcard


Sept 24 2017 Our last day in Paris we walked through our neighborhood, taking a few photographs and committing it all to memory.  It is another perfect day, this Sunday in Paris.  We have not  planned much for the day as we must pack and be ready for a VERY early morning departure. We made a quick visit to the neighborhood Monoprix to get some portable food for our long trip home. … Read More

Sept 23 2017 Today we walked to Ile de la Cite, one of two natural islands on the Seine in the city of Paris.  It is the center of medieval Paris and where you will find Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapell. It was a stunningly beautiful Saturday afternoon.  As we walked  along the Quai de’l’Hotel de Ville, we couldn’t help but notice a large number of street cleaning trucks, garbage trucks, police cars… Read More

Sept 22 2017 The Rodin Museum was something I really looked forward to visiting.  It was wonderful to see but I was very disappointed to find most of the garden inaccessible due to construction or remodeling.  We did see “The Thinker”, “The Gates of Hell, ” The Burghers of Calais” and “The Three Shades” in the garden.  Inside the museum there are many wonderful pieces but the one that moved me the… Read More

Sept 21 2017 We arrived in Montmartre via the Metro to the Abbesses station and followed the Sortie (Exit) sign to the stairway.  After several flights I started to wonder how deep the station was and how much longer we would climb.  It wasn’t until we exited the station that we discovered that there is an elevator and that the station is the deepest in the Paris Metro system –  118 ft! … Read More

Sept 20 2017 I needed to get help for pulled back muscles and ended up visiting the Centre de Sante for an appointment with a doctor.  Once an appointment was scheduled we had a couple of hours to kill so we walked over to the Stravinsky Fountain and the Centre Pompidou. It was disappointing to find the fountain not running.  It was very interesting but lost some of it’s magic with all… Read More