Techno Parade and Ile de la Cite

Sept 23 2017

Today we walked to Ile de la Cite, one of two natural islands on the Seine in the city of Paris.  It is the center of medieval Paris and where you will find Notre Dame and Sainte-Chapell.

It was a stunningly beautiful Saturday afternoon.  As we walked  along the Quai de’l’Hotel de Ville, we couldn’t help but notice a large number of street cleaning trucks, garbage trucks, police cars and motorcycles driving past.  The street was literally packed with these vehicles.  There was also a number of musical performances on the streets.  It was great fun and a party atmosphere.  We later found out it is an annual event called the Techno Parade; a large, free outdoor musical event that was started by a former Minister of Police as a protest against government oppression.  The event evidently became popular in the 1990’s.

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We walked along the Seine enjoying the music, and the happy atmosphere on this lovely day.  Once on the island we did some shopping for little gifts and I enjoyed an ice cream from Esterina.  The fancy flip of the ice cream cone as the server presented it to the patrons was very fun and the ice cream was great too!

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As dusk approached we walked past Notre Dame.  People were dancing to the music and the gardens looked so lovely.  I am so in love with this city!

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