Our Last Day in Paris

Sept 24 2017

Our last day in Paris we walked through our neighborhood, taking a few photographs and committing it all to memory.  It is another perfect day, this Sunday in Paris.  We have not  planned much for the day as we must pack and be ready for a VERY early morning departure.

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We made a quick visit to the neighborhood Monoprix to get some portable food for our long trip home.  (The on flight food is pricey and mostly unappealing!)  I really am impressed with Monoprix.  They offer a large selection of wonderful vegetables, fruits and wines.  They have a juice bar and lots of good ready made food.  I wish we had one at home!


Mushrooms at the Monoprix

Robin noticed that Saint-Eustache was holding an organ recital before the evening mass. I’m so glad we decided to go!  Saint-Eustache is a beautiful French Gothic Cathedral built between 1530 and 1630.  The organ has 8000 pipes and so much history!  Being there, listening to this old organ being played was very special.  I imagined the people who may have played it and all of those who have sat in this space listening before me.

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We had made dinner reservations at a restaurant on Rue Montorgueil.  We had some time, before our reservation, to wander up and down the street looking in shops and watching the people.

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We enjoyed our dinner at Les Artizans.  It’s a nice little restaurant;  we sadly opted to sit inside due to the Parisians love of cigarette smoking.  (One of the experiences I most regret not being able to enjoy is an outdoor meal!)  We decided on the rockfish and mussel soup to start and magret de canard (duck breast) roasted with parsnips and onions as a main.  Both were excellent but the soup really impressed.  I enjoyed their recommended wine which was very good and, unlike here, reasonably priced.   I also had the lemon tart for dessert, which was lovely.  I tried to finish and came closer than I should have!  A bit of indulgence!  Our last meal in Paris left me somewhat overfull but happy!  So wish we had another week!!!


3 Comments on “Our Last Day in Paris

  1. Great photos. Of course I would expect nothing less! NB: I didn’t have any problem seeing all the photos and slideshows.


  2. The images are lovely, Beth. It made me feel very tranquil, even when viewing the images with people. That’s Paris for you. Well done. I loved these posts.


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