The Road Back to Reykjavik

10 Oct 2015

Our last day with the tour.  We left Hali Country Hotel and I am sad that I never made it through their little museum to honor author Þórbergur Þórðarso.  We packed up and had a quick breakfast before the drive back to Reykjavik.  I took a few quick shots of our temporary home.


The little yellow cottage was home to our tour leaders and where we met for Lightroom discussions.

Our rooms were in the building on the left side if the cover photo.  They were very comfortable.  There were historical photos throughout the building; pictures of the people and the farm that gave a real sense of life as it was here several generations ago.


This is the restaurant and  museum.  I love the facade that looks like a book shelf. The large dining room had lovely photographs taken in the Skatafell National Park. The owners of this farm and hotel were lovely people.

We made several stops to photograph the scenery on the road back to Reykjavik.

Robin and I spent one more day exploring Reykjavik before the long journey home.

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