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The first Day of our tour was spent in Istanbul. We set out as a group with our guide, Serkan, leading the way. There were thirteen of us following him through the old city like ducklings following their Mama! Istanbul is an amazing city, a delight for all of the senses; sounds of the call to prayer, invitations shouted from vendors to enter their shops, the honking of horns, the smells of… Read More

My friend Robin and I arrived in Istanbul late in the evening Friday 21 October, 2011, two days prior to the start of our 3 week tour of Southeastern Turkey.  The airport was filled with people dressed in white robes looming around; some of them preparing food.  We were told by an airport employee that they were on pilgrimage to Mecca for Kurban Bayrami. (This year the holiday will be celebrated November… Read More