Weta Tour – AWESOME!!!

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7 April 2017

Today Bizzy gave us a guided tour around Wellington while Lindsey and Andrew were at work.  We went to the Mount Victoria Lookout which gave us a fabulous 360 degree view of Wellington .  It was windy as all get out!  Bizzy tells us that Wellington is the windiest city in the world.

We had Thai takeout with Lindsey and Andrew for dinner with some lovely conversation and then an early bed time.

8 April 2016

Lindsey and Andrew took the day off and arranged a private tour of Weta Studios for us.  We had to sign to a non-disclosure agreement before we could go in so we can’t tell you everything we saw but it was completely amazing and overwhelming!!  I was so awestruck and overwhelmed with the vast awesomeness that I can barely remember what we saw anyway!  We met some of the sculptors and saw what they were working on.  We also met Greg Broadmore, creator of Dr Grordbort and a lead concept designer at Weta.  He is the nicest person you can imagine.  Everyone was so generous; happy to show us their work and take time to talk with us. Our jaws were on the floor the whole tour looking at the costumes, full size sculpts of dinosaurs, trains, weapons, creatures, body sculpts, etc.  We saw the face casts of all of the actors in the Lord of the Rings movies which was so cool.  We also saw Weta Designs main conference room which holds their Oscars, other awards and floor to ceiling memorabilia and design work.  Next up was the Weta Cave, where you can buy really cool stuff.  Clothing, statues, jewelry, books from many of the Weta projects such as The Lord of the Rings, Tin Tin, The Hobbit, Dr. Grordbort, and many more. I bought a tee shirt featuring Smaug’s head (Andrew’s design) and Lynnette bought a set of  three trolls from the Hobbit (Also Andrews design).  Andrew signed them for her making them extra special.

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