Saying Goodbye to Iceland

11 Oct 2105

This week has flown by and we are back in Reykjavik!  The pace has been non-stop with no time left to blog or look at, much less process, our photographs!  I am going to try to catch up now.

Our room is in the north 40, we refer to it as being in the annex.  You go up to the 3rd floor of the main part of the hotel, down a hall, turn right into a windowed but dark tunnel across an alley into another building, then down one flight of stairs, turn right and we are at the end of a foyer.  It is apparently next door to a club because after dark there is dancing music that goes until about 3 or 4 am.  Thank goodness for ear plugs!

Last night we had a late dinner (as usual!) at Geysir Bistro around the corner from the hotel.  It was a very nice meal with loads of good wishes and camaraderie.  It was such a nice group of people, I feel very lucky to have shared this Iceland visit with them.  Lainie, bought us all a glass of champagne to enhance the party spirit.  Emails, were exchanged, hugs passed around and a few of us headed back to the hotel about midnight, while the more energetic in the group went round the corner to hear some live music and have a few more drinks.

Robin and I spent today exploring and Reykjavik and revisiting some of our favorite spots.  We went back to Harpa and the cathedral, had another Cappuccino and tea at the Laundromat followed by dinner at a Pakistani restaurant.  We are mostly packed and ready to go tomorrow.

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In the morning our journey home begins.  We have had a wonderful time!

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