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Monthly Archives: April 2016

19 April 2016 The road to Dunedin consisted of pasture land, cows, sheep, deer, and more of the same.  We arrived in Dunedin without taking a single picture.  We drove from the west coast to the east along State Highway 94 to Highway 1.  About midway in our trip Highway 94 runs between the towns of Gore and Clinton.  We saw a sign shortly after passing through Gore that marked this section… Read More

18 April 2016 Today we went on tour of Doubtful Sound.  A driver picked up at the hotel at 8:30 am.  We had a 20 minute drive to Lake Manapouri where we took an hour boat ride across the lake.  While waiting to board the boat at Lake Manapouri we we saw HUGE trout swimming about the dock .  We learned that the lake is also home to longfin eel that the… Read More

17 April 2016 We felt like Wanaka might deserve more than just an overnight stay but we really didn’t have time to explore it.  It is a pretty little resort community with a young vibe.  It also has a wine region.  I had a glass of the local wine with dinner that was very good; better than most of the Marlborough wines I’ve tried and less expensive as well.  We left Wanaka… Read More

13 April 2016 A few miles south of Hokitika we stopped to see Lake Mahinapua.  There is a short drive down a beautiful road canopied with a lush growth of trees and ferns.  This road leads to a parking lot for a small campground on the lake.  It was lovely and well worth the short detour. As we traveled along Highway 6 heading south toward Franz Josef Glacier the country was changing… Read More

11 April 2016 We said our goodbyes and made our way to the Ferry Terminal to begin our journey to the South Island.  There was an earthquake that morning about 7:30 am north east of Wellington but we did not feel it.  The weather forecast was for some rain and wind but the 3 hour ferry ride over to the south island was smooth and uneventful. The ferry is huge carrying cars,… Read More

8 April 2016 Today everyone went to the botanical gardens.  It was great to have everyone together for the day!  On the way there we passed by an area where the streets were blocked off and we saw the top of a large green screen.  They are currently filming “The Ghost in the Shell” in Wellington starring Scarlet Johansson (Hamish is working on the film.) and filming was taking place today!  We… Read More